Dad, this one's for you...

So, my dad found out about my last blog about Steven... And he got kind of jealous. So dad... This one's for you.. Too bad it's not going to be solely about you though. No, it's about my family background.

Before you think that I'm the weird one in the family, just know that all this randomness goes back to all four of my grandparents.

Let us start on my father's side.

My grandma is 4'11", but don't ever try messing with her because she'll either get you with her quick wit or she'll shove you up against the wall, shake her finger, and say "Don't you ever do that to me again young man (lady)!" Once she says that to you, or you witness it happening to someone else, you won't ever try it again. Just because you're bigger than her does not mean she still can't take you down. I'd like to think I got her feisty side.

My grandpa is 6', he live in Arizona, and he sure can tell a story. Most of his stories aren't true, but they're funny. It's to the point now that I'm not really sure which stories are true anymore, but they're all great. He can carry on a story for the longest time and if you didn't know him, you'd think he was telling the truth... maybe he is... Well, he passed that one down to me too, I can make up random stories on the spot pretty well too.. not like him, but I'm getting there.

Now for my dad, he makes up stories and messes with you, unless you're my grandma, and knows how to deal with us feisty women pretty well. We're kind of alike I guess....

Over on my mother's side, which just happens to be on the left, we've got my grandma and grandpa. Those two are crazy enough that we don't even need to begin to go into how crazy that side of my family is.

Anyways, my grandpa, who passed away a few years go, was halarious. He was always being such a smart aleck. I think he's the one that passed it onto my mother eventhough he always accused her of being the "smart aleck kid". He was a terrible driver and irony filled his life. Irony such as: The back liscence plate of the moter home he had read "CRSH" or, as we like to say, crash... we thought it was ironic seeing as how he was always running into things. Also, my grandpa was an electrician and yet, in his office, hung a single lightbulb from a wire. No fiture, just the wire and the lightbulb. My mom always chimed in about that one.

My grandma has mellowed down through the years, but from what I hear she was a regular outside the box kind of girl. There's this story that I was told about my grandma a while ago that brought me to this conclusion and made me realize we're more alike than I though. Well, one sunday my grandma and grandpa were going to church. They decided to visit this church where is was only appropriate to wear long skirts or dresses and no makeup. So what does my grandma do you ask? Oh yes, she walks into church in her petal pushers and bright red lipstick looking like Lucielle Ball. Apparently she caused a stir. And I thought I was the first one in the family to offend religious people. Who knew that my grandma was the first... at least to my knowledge.

Now, if you know my mom, you understand that I'm kind of like her clone, just younger. We look that same, act the same, use the same handmotions when we're saying the same words. We've got the same sounding voice, and we don't even have to finish two-thirds of our sentances to understand what the other is saying, leaving my dad just sitting there for a few moments until it processes that we didn't say one complete sentance in the whole conversation and that he has no idea what we're talking about. I love my family.

So there you go, if you ever wondered where all my craziness came from, it was those guys. My crazy grandparents, forever keeping me entertained with stories, wit, and, every so often, a good, brutal beat down.


My Visual DNA

I saw this on Tom's blog. I loved it. Here's a little more into my personality if you havn't picked up on it yet. Hopefully this will get me back into blogging. Enjoy..


Warrior Poet

So as I was looking down the list of posts that I have written, I was reminded of a certain post that got special attention from my readers.. The comments recieved from this post were only relevant to one sentance out of a few paragraphs, but it was enough for you all to fight over the life of one young boy. Seeing how popular this subject seems, I have decided (with concent) to write a bit about Steven. Ha, oh yes...

Let's just begin this with the thought that I am not the girl that writes a boy's name all over her notebook in class. BUT I am the kind of girl who will take it a step further by writing a blog, knowing it will make everyone feel the slightest bit uncomfortable, including myself, but also know that I am not writing this solely for that purpose.

Alright, so let's talk about Steven. (You may start to think of your life threatening comments now Tom.) I think I'm just going to let you know a bit about him first. His middle name is Clarence, but he doesn't like it much. I find it to be cute, but you can't really trust my opinion because I just think he's cute all around... Alright, well anyways, he's got this big dog that looks like a bear but he's so cute and his name is Rusty. He has a twin brother that looks nothing like him, so much so that I asked to see their drivers liscenses when I first met them. He's tall and his hair is naturally this sweet reddish brown color. His eyes are a really really dark green, but you wouldn't know it unless you really looked at them. He has a very kind heart and is actually very sensative, which says nothing about his manliness eventhough many people in our culture might disagree with me (they just need to listen to Bradley Hathaway). He always tries to get me to sing in the car, unsucessfully I might add. He loves to longboard and skateboard and snowboard but NOT wakeboard. He's a very picky eater and one of the only kids I know that doesn't like macaroni and cheese. His car smells really good. He smells really good. He's got man hands, A.K.A. big and rough and strong. He's a skinny little boy, yet muscular. He loves reggae music and likes to talk about the Marley's. He hardcore danced at the Dear Whoever show (WOOOOOOO!!!!!). He randomly makes loud birdcalls. He likes coffee. He's completely witty and can shut people down very easily. He likes the Postal Service (band). He loves Johnny Depp in Blow or even just in general and wants tattoos like Brad Pitt in some movie... I forget which one. He's a lot like my dad in the things that he does and in his giftings. He loves Jesus tremendously. He's an excellent dancer. He lets me punch him, and he is a very very cute boy...

So now that I have told you a bit about this new boyfriend of mine, I'm going to let you leave whatever comments about him that you please. Just know that I think he's gotten the hints (and blantent warnings) that he will be taken out if need be, so remember folks, let's make him crystal. Remember the water?


Dreaming in Color

Brother, Oh Brother, keep dreaming in colors,
and then open your eyes to see the sunrise.
There are waters to sail, there are waters to sail.

Brother, Oh Brother, keep dreaming in colors,
and don't worry about their doctrines and dogmas
and timelines of when this world will end.
Cause they're wrong, cause they're wrong.
Just believe, just believe.

And be patient my friend, love will find you.
Just be patient my friend, until love finds you.
Don't entertain thoughts that you're anything other than loved.
Cause you've been created to be loved and to love.

Brother, Oh Brother, keep dreaming in colors,
and then open your eyes to see the moon shine
and don't forget you're alive. Don't forget you're alive.

And be patient my friend, love will find you.
Just be patient my friend, until love finds you.
Don't entertain thoughts that you're anything other than loved.
Cause you've been created to be loved and to love.

To be loved and to love,
To be loved and to love,
To be loved and to love.

And be patient my friend, love will find you.
Just be patient my friend, until love finds you.
Don't entertain thoughts that you're anything other than loved.
Cause you've been created to be loved and to love.

To be loved and to love,
To be loved and to love,
To be loved and to love.

"Dreaming In Color" Damion Suomi


To Write Love On Her Arms

So, it's good to be back everyone... Alright, now down to business.

About six months ago I was looking for bands and I came across these guys Between the Trees. They've got some good tunes, but that's not the point. While I was looking around their website I noticed a link to something called "To Write Love On Her Arms". I thought it was just another band with a sweet name so I clicked and found out that it's actually an organization.

Yeah, TWLOHA is an organization that thinks suicide prevention is possible.

The whole thing started with this girl who was on the verge of suicide. She was depressed, drugged, and a cutter. A few people decided to take her in and help her out. They sat with her singing worship songs day and night while she went through detox and everything else she was dealing with. They prayed with her and to make the story short, she's living right now. (the full story can be found at http://twloha.com/the_story.php)

Through this experience they decided they wanted to start an organization for suicide prevention eventhough many people told them suicide prevention was an impossible. They believe that love can save a person and push back the darkness surrounding them. They're right.

Hmm.. so a bit short this time, but I don't think it needs much more explaining. I just thought you would be interested to know that part of this generation is ready to make a change.


Draft #6

Five Drafts and I'm determined to not let this be the sixth. I read through the others and it seems as though they were posts for the moment. So lets do a post for January 12th, 2007. First of the new year.

2007... This is going to be such a good year.

I'm expecting to learn new things of the Spirit this year. For some reason the this next years looks very bright to me. It's like I see a calendar with all the seasons and months and each season seems to glow and radiate. I'm hoping that's how it's going to be because that would be amazing.

This has been the best winter I've ever had I think. I always hate the winter because it's so cold and icy and eventhough I'm always with my family during the holidays, I've always felt like I was by myself for some reason. This one was different. This year my winter started off with a pretty boy who has turned out to be one of my best friends. Christmas was spent with cousins that I havn't seen in years but love dearly. Two of them moved here a couple of weeks ago actually, I think the last time we saw them was about 15 years ago.
Another plus, Fall quarter is finally over and Winter Quarter is so much fun. My classes are great and I love my teachers. But even with all of this, I'm definately looking forward to Spring.

For some reason I'm very excited for spring to be here. It'll be warm again and the flowers will be blooming and it'll be bright and sunny outside and we'll have to wear sunglasses! I'm going to graduate highschool and college with my AA degree. Life will be good...

Summer is going to be so much fun because I'll be hanging out with my friends and working and that's about it. Summer is always the funnest though, that never changes so I'm not surprised.

Fall is going to be a bit interesting because I have no idea what I'll do yet. Probably just work some more, save some money and whatnot. It'll be fun, but I'm interested to see what exactly I'll be doing. I'm kind of nervous but God has it all planned out.

Winter will be different. That's all I know. It's going to be very different...

Hmm, so there's my forecast for the year. Sunny days with a few thunderstorms, but don't worry, it's just a little rain...


Moshers... pffft....

Yeah.. I mosh for Jesus. Actually, I don't mosh at all. I just dance ("in the zone, in a trance"). It's true. I am a dancer. None of this "let's take ballet and show how pretty we are" dancing. No no, none of that. I mean, I could if i wanted to and I have no problem with ballet, but if you understand what dancing means to be, you'd know that ballet just isn't my thing.
First off, I know I've probably posted something like this before at some point in time, but that's ok. I enjoy this kind of thing. Letting a bit of my heart to show is ok everyone once in a while right? ha.

Well, to understand why I'm not ballerina you must first know that I cannot listen to K-Love or any other contemporary Christian music for more than 5 minutes. Honestly, I feel as though I am ready to combust. I love Jesus with everything I have and I just don't feel like I can full express that in a beautiful melody of "I love you Jesus" with the music all quite like and the drums practically non-existant. And yes, I used to listen to that music, but it's been a while. I don't even go for the "alternative" Christian bands, because they give Christian rock a bad name. Sorry guys, but it's almost as bad as K-Love to me. Instead, I choose to rely upon Underoath, Blindside, Dear Whoever, Upon Beauty Rests, Showbread, Emery, and Flyleaf for all my Christian music needs. They fuel me. True worship to me is all out, and at the end, you should have no energy left. It's a true sacrifice. Sweaty, uncut worship is beautiful.

My first experience with this was Blindside. They wrote the song called "About a Burning Fire". I had listened to it many times and it was my worship music there for about 2 months but I never fully appreciated it until I watched the DVD. It was that last song and I had already wanted to see them live just because they put on an amazing show, but "About a Burning Fire" pushed them over the top. The song was good until the very end. Then it got very soft and quiet, much like on the cd, but this time there was something different. All of the band members, excluding the drummer, turned their backs to the crowd, closed their eyes, and started to worship. The singer started to sing, "I thought about a burning fire, I thought about a loving fire, I thought about Your love... I thought about Your love." And then the stage looked like it was going to explode with passion. It reminded me of dancing at church and how much energy it takes and how much I really don't care that I feel like I'm going to pass out because the thing that is driving me is so passionate that I don't want to stop.

The next experience I had was with Underoath. They're hardcore and very energetic, but the thing that got me the most was their soft song. It's called "Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape." It's all about the grace of God and mercy and love. My favorite lines are "Hey unfaithful I will teach you to be stronger. Hey ungraceful I will teach you to forgive one another. Hey unloving I will love you, I will love you." It's beautiful and the first time I listened to it I may have cried... but shhh... don't tell anyone. I only cried because of the end. It builds up to a point and then just stops and he sings "Jesus, I'm ready to come.. HOME!" And then he screams and it's amazing and I love the passion exuded through it.

The last encounter that I will tell you, that actually ties into the beginning, is of a show that I went to on saturday. Dear Whoever, Upon Beauty Rests, and Bright Lit City. Three really good christian bands, one spiritually dark bar, and my best friends. So, two out of three ain't bad I guess.. I was actually getting sick to my stomach just sitting in that place waiting for the bands to start, but I knew it woud be worth it. Oh yes, it was definately worth it. As soon as the first band started, it seemed like the atmosphere completely changed and the place was totally cleaned out (spiritually). They were good, but I just sat back and watched the hardcore kids dance. Then It was Upon Beauty Rests. They had beautiful music but again, I just watched eventhough they played my most favorite song of theirs. The kicker was Dear Whoever. They enchanted me. Me and my friends went straight to the stage in front of the circle pit and proceeded to dance to the music. It was amazing, I was so fatigued but energized afterwards. It was crazy. It was my first time participating at a concert like that and now I understand why. So much passion, fun, excitement... It was one of the funnest things I've ever done. To make it even better, "We Cry Mercy" was the last song and everyone went nuts. I have bruises and I'm very proud of them.